Advisory Disclosure

Unless otherwise indicated, all advisory positions are undertaken as independent contractor agreements for limited periods of time.  The agreements do not constitute employment or any position within the company or on the board of directors of the company.  All terminated or non current positions are removed from the disclosure site


The VideoCoin Network is a decentralized video platform that is redefining the process of creating, storing and distributing video content. We are revolutionizing the massive video services market.



GK8 allows financial institutions to execute the entire digital assets management process, including sending transactions to the blockchain, without the need for an Internet connection.



Counter is a digital asset exchange platform offering the complete trading experience. Counter uses a hybrid-decentralized architecture to achieve the performance of centralized exchange and the security and auditability of a decentralized exchange



Eleven01 is one of the fastest, highly scalable blockchain protocol which aims to make blockchain technologies ready for real world use. Secure-by-default and privacy-focused, the Eleven01 protocol achieves high throughput via dynamic consensus and is designed to scale up to a million transactions per second.



We spend huge amounts of time and energy on social networks that don’t make us happy or pay our bills. Networks should make money from connecting people efficiently, not from selling their users’ attention.

On Cent, the value generated by users is given to the users who created that value.



Swipe Network is a decentralized mobile engagement data platform/infrastructure that empowers app developers with a suite of marketing tools and SDKs (software development kit) to improve app engagement and user retention, while allowing for transparent and fair data monetization.




This is Identity Protocol  project powered by a strong team out of Coinplug stable in Korea. The project has adopted an interesting approach to creating a Meta ID.



This Payments Focussed Protocol is powered by a power team led by an IDF Airforce pilot. They are working on creating a full payments ecosystem.


This could be the World’s first “Crypto Money” as defined by the IMF. As the “legal tender of a sovereign nation” Crypto, the team here literally lived in the Marshall Islands and convinced the government there to issue its own currency. The founders are 100% committed to their mission and the project.



DAG based smart contract platform that is promising to deliver 300 000 tps. This project is led by a solid team out of Korea.