Crypto Investor, Fund Manager, Project Advisor, Television Presenter, and Blockchain Evangelist. In every aspect of my (professional) life, I am all in on the Blockchain.

The Blockchain

In the same way the Internet revolutionized the world we currently live in, I truly see Blockchain as having the ability to change the world for the better. In its purest form, the Blockchain provides the transparency that many governments, institutions, financial systems and companies are currently lacking. The Blockchain is the great equalizer of our time, a powerful combination of technology and ideology, a global system that transgresses borders, social classes, asset classes and systems of control, putting power in the hands of those who have previously had no access and no control.


In this spirit, I have been on a mission to create awareness and adoption of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency since I bought my first Bitcoin in 2014. After being broke in 2001, I built the largest sales and marketing agency in Africa, selling it to French multinational Publicis in 2015 for an amount that would allow any man to live comfortably. However, as the great man Mohammed Ali said, “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” I am incredibly grateful to be in a position to help spread the word about Blockchain, to assist and mentor companies building on the Blockchain and, in the process, play my part in putting in place the building blocks for mass awareness and adoption of this revolutionary technology.


In that sense, I am one of a select few who can honestly say, “I am in it for the tech”, the opportunities and the implications it will have on our society.


The Blockchain is a complex, technical and ironically non-transparent space, which is one of the reasons why, in 2017, I created and personally funded the world’s first televised Cryptocurrency investment show, Crypto Trader, in an effort to provide transparency, information and clarity to a wider audience on this new and exciting industry. Aired on CNBC Africa weekly, the show is funded by myself, along with our sponsors ETORO and ELEMENT Group.


The show was started as an in-studio show but as I travelled from conference to conference and visited Blockchain hubs around the world in an investor/advisor capacity, I felt that the community should be exposed to the amazing projects, developments and adventures that I was exposed to – and so we took the show on the road.


Though hosted by me, the show is produced with my assistance by a team at CNBC Africa headed up by Robert Haynes. I also have limited editorial input on the end product of the show.


On the issue of transparency, it is important to state I receive no payments for hosting the show, nor do I receive payments from any sponsorships of the show. On the show, I never give my personal views or opinions, but rather interview the guests to get their personal views and insights.

CNBC Crypto Trader Show
Social Media

I run one Twitter and one Instagram account both with the handle @cryptomanran. These are private accounts and not linked to CNBC Africa or Crypto Trader in any way, shape or form. I use these accounts to post news and opinions, and to occasionally post trades or positions that I take. Any tweets and posts should not be construed as investment advice.


I never have and never will accept any compensation for posting on my Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts.

My pledge and commitment to my audience, and to the Crypto community:

 To be fully transparent in all my dealings as a media personality and crypto investor. I pledge to keep the disclosures full and live and the holdings fully transparent. On this website, I will post all my media appearances, as well as disclose, in real time, all my advisory positions and any significant Crypto holdings that I hold in a personal capacity. As a fund manager for Onchain Capital fund, our positions are already published quarterly via the Onchain website, however as they become available, they will also be added to this website. My challenge to other media personalities, journalists and influencers in the Blockchain industry, is to follow my lead and to create similar platforms to disclose their holdings.

Ran Neuner’s Ethics Manifesto

As a public figure and evangelist in this space, I realize I have a responsibility to adhere to a higher set of standards and ethics than the average influencer and investor.  As such, these are my commitments:

  1. I pledge to promote the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the overall movement in a responsible and ethical way.
  2. I will maintain full transparency and disclosure of any positions, be they investment or advisory in nature, via this website.
  3. In my capacity as an advisor on Blockchain projects, I will disclose all my positions on this site. Further to this, I will also post my reasons for advising these projects.
  4. I never have and never will participate in a planned “Pump and Dump” scheme. Furthermore, I will expose any such schemes should they come to my attention.
  5. I never have and never will accept any compensation to ‘tweet’ for any project or cause. All opinions expressed on my Twitter account are my own.
  6. I never have and never will, in my capacity as the TV show presenter, accept any form of compensation by any project, market or cause to be featured on the show.
  7. I never have and never will, in my capacity as a public figure and/or guest on other media, accept any form of compensation to promote a project on media platforms.
  8. I never have and never will, be it on my show or any other platform or media, promote any project for the purpose of influencing the token price for personal gain.
  9. I will never post any recommendation without doing due diligence. I encourage all traders to always do your own research and due diligence.
  10. I will never post any recommendation or trades in which I am not actively participating in my capacity as an investor and/or fund manager.
  11. I will always inform the community when I exit any position that I have previously published.
  12. I will never treat the companies I advise unfairly nor will I give them preference with regards to appearances on the show.